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For many thousands of years clans of Bushmen were enchanted by the crimson hills at Toorfontein near the foot of the Swartberg. Those ancient spiritualistic times are gone forever, the sorcerers and their magic faded into the mists of the past, the Bushmen drawn irrevocably into the vortex of civilisation, with only their remaining rock art evocative and evidence of their occupancy.

The natural beauty of the hills reached international acclaim when on 9 May 1925, the Prince of Wales and future King of England, Edward V111, travelled past
these Enon Conglomerates by train and said "I have travelled the whole wide world! But these hills are the most beautiful I have ever come across!"

This privately owned 215 hectare piece of heavan known as Toorfontein (Magic or Enchanted Fountain) lies in a valley surrounded by crimson hills known as Enon Conglomerate Formations. The luxury tented camp lies snuggled against the slopes near a huge, sheer rock face, with views across the valley and the Little Karoo. The entertainment area is above a fully equipped kitchen and sheltered by an Enon Conglomerate overhang. You can sit back and reflect on the mysticism of the mountains, and the natural beauty and tranquillity of the valley, with no sound but birdsong and perhaps the bark of a baboon or forlorn call of a jackal.

Toorfontein has remained largely untouched, its enchanted fountain still flowing past the camp site as it has for millennia, birds and bats frequent the rock overhangs as they have been doing for thousands of years, and small game hide out in the spekboom thickets of the valley. At night the patter of small, padded feet can be heard on the wooden decks as a clan of mongoose scan the camp for food. Spend the day bird watching, hiking or just relaxing and soul searching in the peace and quiet of the mountain slopes.

If you think you have seen it all, treat yourself to Toorfontein, where the natural beauty will stir and elevate your senses in a spiritual way you might never forget.

Toorfontein camp  Waterfall at Toorfontein  Entertainment area at Toorfontein  Braai area at Toorfontein

Toorfontein can accommodate at least 8 people, making it perfect as:
  • a laid-back holiday spot for families or friends
  • a romantic holiday retreat
  • a paradise for small groups of friends to unwind and enjoy nature
  • a peaceful getaway for business people or small conference groups
  • a secluded refuge for small groups of eco-enthusiasts, artists and nature photographers.

View of the Klein Karoo

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